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Cypal Lite is a lightweight Ajax webconsole for the BEA Weblogic® Server. 

The Admin Console shipped with the server has all the functionality, but it has performance and usability problems. We try to address those issues and add more features in our product.


  • Browser compatibility - Works with all browsers including Safari  and Opera
  • Less memory usage - Compared to the standard console, this uses very less memory
  • Fast - Cypal Lite is Ajax based console, so no complete page refreshes or slow page transitions
  • Wizard Framework - Wizards to assist you through the most common tasks. So you can perform your task quickly
  • Well designed UI - UI elements are laid out in such a way that you can perform most common operations with fewer clicks. Guess where you gain? Speed!
  • Keyboard navigation - For those who want to do things even faster
  • Lightning speed - Yes, we mean it. Run the standard console and Cypal Lite side-by-side and try performing the same operation in both consoles. You would feel it.
  • Undo/Redo - Ok. We thought about it. When you are doing things at a higher speed, you might do some mistakes. Undo should come to your rescue. Now, when was the last time you have seen this feature in a web application?

Tech Preview version

Cypal Lite is not yet released, but a Tech Preview version is available. This version demonstrates the aforementioned features and implements limited operations (like create/delete a JDBC Data Source). More operations are being implemented and a beta version should be available soon.

In case you wish to try out the Tech Preview version, send a mail to us (

Since we are nearing our Beta, we stopped giving out Tech Previews. Please wait till we come out with Beta version

Alternatively, you can view the screencast of Tech Preview in action from here.


If you have any thoughts/ideas on our product and wish to discuss them, you can directly mail us or, you can discuss it the mailing list:

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