Cypal Solutions

For Developers, By Developers.

We are Developers, who are passionate about Programming, have in-depth knowledge and create high quality applications. We provide training and consulting on various advanced topics in Programming.

We also create innovative products that cater your business needs:
  • ERP Pal - A next generation ERP for all your needs
  • GST Rates API - An API to get the current and historical rates for a given product
  • Cypal Studio for GWT - An Eclipse IDE Plugin for Google Web Toolkit development
We offer custom built courses to fit your needs. Our training topics includes:
  • Advanced C / Java / C#
  • Various JEE topics
  • Eclipse Plugin Development
  • .NET Core & ASP Core
  • Android/Windows Mobile Application Development
  • Software Architecture
  • UI/UX for Developers & Architects
  • Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS
  • Cloud Computing with Azure/AWS

Prakash is a Full-Stack Programmer with deep knowledge in various tools, technologies and languages. Currently he is working as a consultant for a NY based Hedge Fund Risk Analytics company. His experience ranges from working from small Silicon Valley startups to giant Fortune 500s . In his career, he has shuffled between C++, Java, C# and JavaScript. He has successfully built several products in record time. Currently his focus is on the Windows Azure platform and Angular JS. In the past, he has also served as an Eclipse committer in the Eclipse Platform UI Project.

Ganesh Samarthyam has 12+ years of working experience in IT industry. He is currently a freelance corporate trainer & consultant based in Bangalore. He worked for Siemens (Corporate Research and Technologies, Bangalore) in Software Architecture and Development team for the last 6+ years. Before Siemens, he worked in Hewlett-Packard’s C++ compiler team, Bangalore for 4.5 years. He also served as member of ANSI/ISO C++ standardization committee (JTC1/SC22/WG21) from 2005 to 2007 representing HP. He has IEEE’s CSDP(Certified Software Development Professional) and SECI (Software Engineering Certified Instructor) certifications. He has conducted many SCP, CSDA, and CSDP trainings representing IEEE. He is one of the five course material contributors to IEEE’s SWEBOK Certificate Program (SCP). He is author of few books and his latest book is “Refactoring for Software Design Smells: Managing Technical Debt” by Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier (published in November 2014). For more information, visit his book website: Design Smells

Lokeshwer is a passionate polyglot programmer experienced in C#, Java, Erlang, F#, Groovy, Haskell and Ruby. He has worked as agile coach, architect, consultant and developer at BCG, McKinsey, ThoughtWorks, Verizon, and an NY based financial start-up. He loves to develop Windows Phone apps and has registered more than 2 million app downloads across various countries. He has published an IEEE research journal and speaks at conferences on various programming aspects.

For training or consulting:

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